Constitutional amendment in labor matters

Recently, amendments to the Constitution were passed in relation to labor matters, the following being the most relevant:
• Whenever a Union initiates a strike procedure to obtain the signature of a Collective Bargaining Agreement, it must show that it represents the workers.
• The disappearance of the Labor Conciliation and Arbitration Boards and the creation of Labor Courts within the Judiciary.
• Before resorting to the Labor Courts, both management and labor must attend an obligatory conciliation process.
• The recording of Collective Bargaining Agreements and of Trade Union Organizations, shall be entrusted to a Federal, decentralized, organism.
• The vote to resolve labor disputes between Trade Unions, shall be free and secret.
• Legislatures have a period of one year, from the date the amendments were passed, to approve enabling legislation.
• Meanwhile, the Conciliation and Arbitration Boards will continue to address the differences and conflicts that arise.
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