In 1966, Mr. Luis Rubio Villegas and five other partners founded Rubio Villegas y Asociados in Mexico City. Initially, the firm offered corporate and tax law advise to an array of national and international clients. With the liberalization of trade that occurred in the 1980s, its services extended to international trade law. By the 1990s, its practice areas multiplied and number of clients grew until the firm became one of the most prestigious in the city.

CBS Canseco Saldaña Escobedo was founded in 1984 in the city of Queretaro, with a satellite office in Leon, Guanajuato. The firm provided legal services to foreign companies with businesses in Mexico, mainly in the industrial and manufacturing sectors (automotive, aerospace, food and beverages, real estate, etc.). By the 1990s, CBS Canseco Saldaña Escobedo became a reliable partner of companies with operations in the country’s central region and one of the most important law firms in Queretaro.

EGAO Enríquez González Aguirre y Ochoa was founded in Ciudad Juarez in 1992, with a satellite office in Mexico City. Specialists in the maquiladora industry (the firm is a pioneer in regulatory matters of the maquiladora industry), it soon became the leading law firm in the northern region of the country.

BGM Consultores Legales was founded by Oscar Bensojo in August 1993 to provide legal advice regarding litigation and corporate matters for individuals and corporations. Its lawyers were well known for working in coherence with the principles of honesty, efficiency, loyalty, transcendence and teamwork, enabling long term relationships with their clients and helping the firm grow. Over time, the firm attracted and formed up experienced lawyers in corporate law; civil, commercial and administrative litigation; labor & employment; criminal litigation; mining; and, public brokerage.


In 2013, CBS Canseco Saldaña Escobedo and EGAO Enríquez González Aguirre and Ochoa merged into EC Legal, combining their legal expertise to address their clients sophisticated legal needs and demand for wider geographical reach.

In 2017, EC Legal and Rubio Villegas y Asociados, merged creating EC Legal Rubio Villegas, one of the biggest Mexican law firms in Mexico, with offices in Mexico City and in the country’s industrial hubs. This strategic merger created a truly national firm, with a local reach that few other firms in Mexico can match. The goal of the firm is to address clients’ local concerns within the global legal and regulatory framework.

In 2019, BGM Consultores Legales merged with EC Legal Rubio Villegas to offer clients an improved service and greater efficiency.


EC Legal Rubio Villegas is one of the ten largest law firms in Mexico today, with five offices covering the most important industrial regions of the country, more tan 80 attorneys and more than 50 years of experience.

The firm specializes in national and international transactions in the industrial sector, and in international trade. Their clients range from national medium-sized companies, to international Fortune 500 companies.

EC Legal Rubio Villegas regularly acts as co-counsel to the best US and international law firms. Their attorneys are experienced, highly specialized, have worked in large law firms in the United States and Europe and are fully bilingual.