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As a result of the health situation of COVID-19 in Mexico, various judicial and administrative bodies have determined the suspension of activities as a preventive measure to avoid or limit the spread of the virus, despite the fact that a health contingency has not yet been decreed by the Federal Government.

Below, we would like to inform you of the bodies that have decided to suspend work until today, as well as the period covered by this suspension:

Accordingly, it is expected that in the coming days more organs will be added to the suspension of work to prevent further spread of the pandemic.

Labor & Social Security
Perla Arreola
Javier Canseco
Ana María Becerra
Roberto Álvarez-Malo
Rogelio Sánchez
Isaac Corral
Elisa Cortés

It is important to mention that if the Federal Government decrees a Sanitary Contingency with suspension of work, the Organs will have to obey the terms and conditions that to the effect are indicated in it.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the above, please do not hesitate to reach your usual contact at the Firm.

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