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Through notice no. 414.2020.654 (“Notice”), dated March 20, 2020, the Undersecretariat of Industry, Trade and Competitiveness announced measures to ensure the continuity of several international trade procedures in the coming weeks, in order to protect the health of workers and users.

Measures, in force as of March 23, are as follows:


Procedures carried out through the Mexican Digital Window for Foreign Trade (VUCEM) will operate normally.

The physical window of the General Directorate for Trade Facilitation and Foreign Trade (DGFCCE) will remain closed until further notice.


Proceedings that require the submission of further information and documents must be carried out via the e-mail addresses specified in the Notice, through which the appropriate authorizations will also be sent.

Sensible and subsequent extensions will be accepted without ratification from a public accountant.

  • Certificates of origin

The deadline for answering certificates of origin and TPLs will be 3 business days from the date the application is received and they can be collected at the offices of the Ministry of Economy and the DGFCCE.

The G2 certificate of origin system will operate normally, as will the Standards-Customs certificate system.

Certificates issued under the Free Trade Agreement with the European Union, the Free Trade Agreement with the European Free Trade Association and the Mexico-Japan Agreement for the Strengthening of the Economic Partnership, will be delivered within 12 business days from the reception of the request or, where appropriate, the “Authorized Exporter” scheme shall be applied, under the number provided by the Ministry of Economy.

Finally, the Notice specifies that any relevant information will be made available by the DGFCCE through the

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