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In our immigration area we keep our clients informed about changes in criteria of immigration and consular authorities. Our team has a record of every foreigner in every one of our client companies, in order to promptly comply with obligations as they are imposed. We have developed audit procedures to verify that companies promptly comply with all legal requirements in case of inspections by immigration authorities.


Our proactive approach facilitates immigration procedures, optimizing their progress.

  • Analysis and implementation of the tax structure to bring the expatriates and foreign personnel into Mexico.
  • Employer Registration records and updates before the Immigration Department. Consular admissions for foreigners and their families.
  • Visas without work permits.
  • Student visas.
  • Temporary and permanent residence permits.
  • Work permits.
  • Exit and return permits.
  • Notices of changes of address, job, marital status, citizenship or name.
  • Residence cards for family members.
  • CURP, RFC and IMSS registrations.