Labor, Employment and Social Security

Labor, Employment and Social Security

When you have labor and employment needs, you want a firm that understands and services your entire business. EC Legal-Rubio Villegas is committed to counseling and advocating for you every step of the way in any labor matter. Our attorneys are experienced in all phases of the employer-employee relationship. The focal point in labor services rendered by the lawyers of EC Legal-Rubio Villegas is to prevent litigation, economic contingencies and consequences that may affect your labor environment, and could expose your assets, productivity and stability to unnecessary risk.  We measure and correct labor risks, through labor audits, which allow us to solve daily problems through permanent advice programs.

We also advise clients on drafting and negotiating individual and collective employment agreements; preparing and implementing alternative/flexible remuneration schemes; and carrying out tactical measures on all types of termination of employment agreements, including preparation and execution of notices of termination, among others.

Although we strive for a preventive approach, in many cases litigation is unavoidable. Therefore, in order to better assist our clients, we have brought together a strong litigation practice. This gives us a unique perspective on solutions for government and private employers faced with litigation issues, whether with individuals or labor unions, including breach of contract and non-compete agreements, wrongful termination, and any other claim or lawsuit before both local and federal labor boards and courts throughout Mexico. Also, we provide solutions as well as counseling and litigation in social security and workers housing fund matters, among others.


  • Human Resources, benefits, compensation policies, handbook and procedures.
  • Codes of business conduct and ethics.
  • Successful hiring and recruiting practices.
  • Expatriate/ Inpatriate matters.
  • Employment, consultant, and severance agreements that comply with Mexican Labor Law.
  • Non-competition and confidentiality agreements to protect our clients’ intellectual property and other valuable assets. Implementation of equal employment opportunity and diversity programs, practices, and policies.
  • Employee performance management, discipline and discharge cases. Reductions in force, redundancies and site closures.
  • Harassment and discrimination prevention and correction to ensure a respectful and legal work environment.
  • Substance abuse testing.
  • Investigations regarding employment-related matters, fraud, business ethical infractions, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, safety, and other alleged violations of codes of conduct, harassment, workplace violence, and other policies.
  • International complaint helpline protocol, procedures and training. Prevention of workplace violence and threats.
  • Training for supervisors and employees on employment law, harassment prevention, diversity, company policies.
  • Litigation and administrative actions.
  • Employee and union communications.
  • Employer substitution.