On April 28, 2022, two Decrees were published in the Official Gazette of the Federation amending Section IX of Article 132, Section V of Article 204 and adding a second paragraph to Article 512 of the Federal Labor Law (FLL), which became effective as of April 29 of this year.

The amendments to Articles 132 and 204 of the FLL set forth the obligation of the employers to grant workers the appropriate time to exercise their vote in the processes of mandate revocation (applicable to members of Federal Congress and the President of the Republic).

The addition to Article 512 of the FLL establishes that the rulings of the FLL and the normative provisions issued by the labor authorities shall, taking into consideration the nature of the work consider the use of technology and work tools that are innovative and that assist in the work tasks, when there may exist high risk of life loss or serious health threat.

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