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Carlos Acevedo – Barraza has a Patent of Notary Public, granted by the state of Chihuahua, by winning in the opposition exam with four other contenders, obtaining the highest rating.

He has vast experience not only in notarial services, but in corporate law and real estate transactions. Throughout his career, he has participated in important projects in the State of Chihuahua and is committed to provide an excellent service to all of his clients.


  • Law Degree, Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua.
  • Master´s in Taxation, Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua.


  • He was in charge of the contractual formalization of an important segment of the gas pipeline called “The Encino – Topolobampo” that covered the states of Chihuahua and Sinaloa, in charge of “Grupo Desarrollo Infraestructura” (GDI) for SAIPEM and TGNN (TransCanada), being one of the most ambitious and challenging projects in the history of gas pipelines construction in Mexico due to the large geographical challenges that involved crossing the Sierra Tarahumara, with a length of 560 km and a total investment of $1 million US dollars.
  • He served as a legal advisor for Grupo Modelo, S. A. B. Mexico, through Distribuidora de Cervezas Modelo en Chihuahua, S. A. de C. V., in important investment projects for the economy of the State.
  • He served as a legal advisor and provided notarial services, in several merging and acquisition transactions for foreign companies, that have operations in México.


  • Notary Public Number 10 for Bravos District, State of Chihuahua.
  • Member of the Colegio Nocional de Notarios, A.C.
  • Member of the Colegio de Notarios del Estado de Chihuahua, A.C.
  • Member of ANADE, Colegio de Abogados A.C. – Sección Chihuahua.
  • Member of the Colegio de Notarios de Distrito Bravos, Chihuahua, A.C.
  • Winner of the scholarship offered by “Fundación TELMEX” obtained for his academic excellence in undergraduate level.
  • Recognition by the Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua, for academic excellence.


  • Corporate Businesses
    • Creation of Trusts
    • Incorporation of all kinds of Companies.
    • Mergers, Spin-Offs and Corporate Transformations.
    • Dissolution and Liquidation of Companies.
    • Formalization of Minutes of Shareholders´ Meetings, Board Meetings and Unanimous Resolutions.
    • Credit and Pledge Agreements.
    • Granting and Revocation of Powers of Attorney.
  • Real Estate Businesses
    • Incorporation of all kinds of Condominiums and Sub-divisions
    • Executions and Reversals of Trusts.
    • Purchase and Sales, Donations, Barters, Dation in Payment.
    • Awards and Formalizations of Legal Transfers.
    • Merger and Sub-Division of Plots of Land.
    • Surveying and Demarcation of Plots of Land.
    • Mutual Loans, Credits and Mortgages.
    • Mortgage Cancellation.
  • Family Businesses
    • Extrajudicial Testate and Intestate Probate.
    • Open and Closed Public Wills.
    • Structure and creation of Family Trusts.
    • Prenuptial Agreements and formalization of Transfer of Property upon Divorce.
    • Incorporation and Extinction of Family Estate Regime.
    • Voluntary Jurisdictions.
  • Agricultural Businesses
    • Incorporation of Common-Land (Ejidos) Unions and Rural Associations.
    • Formalization of succession lists.
    • Attestation on Common-Land Assemblies.
    • Agreements on Alienation of Land Rights.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Attestation of Facts, Notifications and Inquiries.
    • Issuance of Certified Copies and Collation of Documents.
    • Ratification of Signatures and contents of documents.