Dear clients and friends,

We are proud to share with you two important announcements: we are celebrating our first 50 years of service and simplifying our name to EC RUBIO.

Our dream began 50 years ago: to be the leading law firm in the country representing companies in the industrial, manufacturing, mining, maquiladora and service sectors.

We defined that the center of all our activity would always be our clients and that we would provide the best service, with professionalism, honesty, simplicity and efficiency.

Five decades later, we have great accomplishments: we provide a wide range of services to more than one-thousand national and foreign clients, we are  amongst the largest national law firms in Mexico, with a team of 250 collaborators and six offices located in Mexico City, Puebla, Querétaro, Irapuato, Chihuahua and Ciudad Juárez.

True to our principle of simplicity, this 2021 we decided to change our name to EC Rubio, still preserving our DNA.

EC Rubio has the same plan for the next 50 years: to provide clients the best legal representation in Mexico.

We thank all our clients for their loyalty and, as always, hope to count on your support.

Eduardo David
Carlos Enríquez
Javier Canseco
Oscar Bensojo
Perla Arreola
Ana María Becerra
Daniela Flores
Alejandro Montes
Mario Prado
René Alva
Enrique Marcos
Roberto Álvarez-Malo
Rogelio Sánchez
Isaac Corral
Pablo Méndez
Pablo De Rosenzweig
Alejandro González
Gerardo Olea
Jaime O’Reilly
César Ochoa
Javier Ogarrio
Edmundo Hernández
Arturo Bañuelos
Felipe Mendoza
Rafael Escobedo
Raúl Escobedo
Juan Manuel Camarena
Juan Carlos Partida
Fernando Holguín
Eduardo Cervera
Sergio De La Rocha
Lorena Mejía
Renato Martínez
Carlos Acevedo
Rubén Aguirre
raguirre@ecrubio.comCésar Gutiérrez
César Holguín
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