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The USMCA, which came into force on July 1, includes a series of labor obligations that companies must comply with in order to avoid tariff penalties.

The main areas in which companies must comply with are:

1. Freedom of association and collective bargaining.
2. Elimination of child labor.
3. Abolition of forced labour.
4. Elimination of discrimination.
5. Fulfilment of labor obligations: working hours, wages, social security, health and safety at work.

Companies must make a self-evaluation related to these issues and be able to prove their compliance.

The Firm has developed protocols and training plans so that Companies can accredit such compliance.

Companies that commit violations may be subject to tariff penalties or suspension of preferential tariff treatment for the goods manufactured and/or services provided by them.

A Panel is established with representatives from both countries and may carry out verifications in the company that has allegedly breached these obligations.

With more than 40 years of experience in international labor issues and the firm’s broad national footprint, lawyers of the Labor Practice are ready to support you in the fulfillment of these new obligations, avoiding possible sanctions.

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