One of the main objectives of EC Rubio is to advise our clients in a preventive way, to try to avoid legal conflicts that may arise in these areas. We look for solutions through conciliation or mediation of interests, and only if this is not possible, we concentrate on arbitration or judicial solutions. We have a solid record of high-profile victories as a result of years of experience and substantial knowledge of the law.

We offer our clients the highest quality representation, based on creativity and cost efficiency.

We have a firm commitment to provide advice in making decisions in the most appropriate way based on our clients’ interests and with the establishment of cost-benefit strategies.

We are experienced in commercial and civil matters, including breach of contracts, commercial and corporate disputes, commercial contests, real estate litigation, insurance claims, and family disputes.

We have represented leading companies in the telecommunications industry, technology manufacturing, construction, financial services, mining, restaurants, pharmaceuticals, and consumer products.

Our services

Commercial and Business

  • Preparation and revision of typical commercial contracts related to the diverse areas of our clients’ business activities, such as sales, leases, credits, trusts, guarantees, mortgages, and pledges.
  • Preparation and review of atypical commercial contracts such as distribution, supply, licensing, franchising, commissions, and joint ventures.
  • Consulting on disputes that may arise from such contracts, whether due to nonperformance, termination, interpretation, etc.
  • Litigation related to companies, their shareholders or partners.
  • Litigation related to commercial documents such as invoices, promissory notes or debt securities.
  • Bankruptcy proceedings at all stages.

Civil and Family

  • Attention to any litigation arising from family matters such as disputes over filiation, recognition of children, challenges to paternity, guardianship and custody, alimony, divorces, annulment of marriage, dissolution of marital partnership, wills, and successions.
  • Litigation related to the ownership of movable and immovable property, with the purpose of declaring rights to or recovering property.
  • Preparation and revision of civil contracts related to sales, leases, loans, guarantees, mortgages, and pledges.
  • Litigation arising from contracts, whether due to nonperformance, termination or interpretation.

International Law

  • Perform all actions and measures to obtain recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments, with all their legal consequences.
  • Presentation of letters rogatory in the Mexican courts and management of all the necessary actions for proper diligence.
  • Obtaining of evidence abroad.
  • Recognition of foreign successions, with all their legal consequences.