At EC Rubio, we know that corporate policies and ethical conduct must be an integral part of the way companies do business. We advise our clients on implementing and/or reviewing programs aimed at complying with, among others, anti-corruption laws and regulations, where an effective compliance program is one that produces the desired results: education, detection, and deterrence.

A company with a good compliance program increases its capital gain by attracting the best investors, customers, and suppliers. In addition, there is a lower incidence of sanctions and a better relationship with the authorities.

Our services

  • Review of corporate policies with management and/or compliance officers.
  • Adoption of best practices and code of ethics.
  • Risk prevention and management.
  • Seminars on anti-corruption, conflicts of interest, and workplace/sexual harassment.
  • Internal controls and audits.
  • Supplier audits.
  • Criminal liability of legal entities.
  • Personal data privacy.
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