EC Rubio is proud to be the only full-service law firm in Mexico in which three of its partners are notaries public.

In Mexico, as in all countries with civil law jurisdiction, a notary public plays a fundamental role in the legal field since he or she is an independent and reliable professional authorized by the government who participates in a variety of legal transactions. A Mexican notary public certifies not only the facts, but also the legality of the acts and transactions that according to the law must be executed before him or her; in this case, as guarantor of the legal validity of such acts and transactions.


  • Corporate Businesses
    • Creation of Trusts
    • Incorporation of all kinds of Companies.
    • Mergers, Spin-Offs and Corporate Transformations.
    • Dissolution and Liquidation of Companies.
    • Formalization of Minutes of Shareholders´ Meetings, Board Meetings and Unanimous Resolutions.
    • Credit and Pledge Agreements.
    • Granting and Revocation of Powers of Attorney.
  • Real Estate Businesses
    • Incorporation of all kinds of Condominiums and Sub-divisions
    • Executions and Reversals of Trusts.
    • Purchase and Sales, Donations, Barters, Dation in Payment.
    • Awards and Formalizations of Legal Transfers.
    • Merger and Sub-Division of Plots of Land.
    • Surveying and Demarcation of Plots of Land.
    • Mutual Loans, Credits and Mortgages.
    • Mortgage Cancellation.
  • Family Businesses
    • Extrajudicial Testate and Intestate Probate.
    • Open and Closed Public Wills.
    • Structure and creation of Family Trusts.
    • Prenuptial Agreements and formalization of Transfer of Property upon Divorce.
    • Incorporation and Extinction of Family Estate Regime.
    • Voluntary Jurisdictions.
  • Agricultural Businesses
    • Incorporation of Common-Land (Ejidos) Unions and Rural Associations.
    • Formalization of succession lists.
    • Attestation on Common-Land Assemblies.
    • Agreements on Alienation of Land Rights.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Attestation of Facts, Notifications and Inquiries.
    • Issuance of Certified Copies and Collation of Documents.
    • Ratification of Signatures and contents of documents.

Our clients are certain that EC Rubio provides them with a notarial service that cannot be matched by any other firm. Our notaries will always be available to them and our infrastructure will allow for expeditious processing of documents to meet their urgent needs.