We understand the importance of maximizing the value of a company’s real estate investment. We assist our clients in selecting and acquiring land for the location or relocation of all types of projects, including plants, manufacturing facilities, retail properties, office complexes, hotels and central buildings. We handle all aspects of an acquisition, including deed research and general due diligence, negotiation of construction and permanent financing agreements, acquisition agreements, design, construction, supervision, architecture and engineering agreements, lease and management agreements as well as resolution of deed deficiencies and zoning analysis, planning and land use, property taxes, and property registration issues.

To achieve results efficiently and profitably, we work with our Tax, Notary, Civil, Commercial, Corporate, and Environmental Consulting practices.

We are experienced in the development, financing, and construction of energy projects, as well as acquisitions and dispositions. We have developed deep and well-informed relationships with many of the key government offices associated with project development.

Our services

  • Commercial, office, and industrial leases for landlords and tenants, including “large box” leases for “anchor lessees”.
  • Sale – leaseback, leasing, and land leasing.
  • Development of abandoned industrial lands and green zones, pollution and environmental remediation, water conservation, and other environmental problems.
  • Due diligence, deed analysis, and deed insurance.
  • Land use problems, including operating agreements, restrictions, easements, and zoning.
  •  Structuring of investment and development vehicles.
  • Structuring, negotiation and documentation of development, construction, and financing operations.
  • Structuring, negotiation, and documentation of the formation of real estate investment vehicles such as joint ventures, partnerships, and real estate investment trusts.
  • Government incentives, including real estate tax reduction programs, subsidies, and tax credits.
  • Analysis of project documents, concessions, bidding materials, and other project documents.
  • Development of project risk matrices.
  • Negotiation of transaction documents.
  • Permits, licenses, and authorizations.
  • Negotiation and structuring of consortium agreements.
  • Administrative procedures with traditional government entities (utilities, municipal, state and federal entities).
  • Consulting on agrarian, water rights, and mining matters as they relate to real estate projects.