The work of EC Rubio is highly recognized in Mexico, a country with an extensive network of free trade agreements granting reciprocal preferential access to more than 40 nations in the markets of North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

We have extensive experience in anti-dumping investigations, countervailing duties, and safeguard measures. We also specialize in North American trade, including export promotion programs, determination of origin, and advance rulings. Our firm’s unparalleled practice in Mexico has 40 years of experience in IMMEX (maquiladora), Prosec, and export promotion programs, rules of origin, customs audits, and origin audits.

In addition, we have extensive experience advising our clients on the reduction or elimination of barriers to market access for goods and services, under the rules of international trade agreements to which Mexico is a party.

Our services

  • Legal advice on free trade agreements.
  • Verification of origin under free trade agreements.
  • IMMEX (maquiladora), PROSEC, and export promotion programs.
  • Valuation, classification, and VAT resolutions.
  • Preventive audits in international trade and customs compliance.
  • Customs and commercial authorizations and certifications.
  • Audits of origin.
  • Customs litigation.
  • Anti-dumping investigations, compensatory quotas, and safeguard measures.
  • Strategic controlled enclosures.
  • Tax incentives for the northern border region.