At EC Rubio, we offer a unique expatriate advisory service that combines our Tax, Labor, and Immigration practices. Bringing expatriates and foreign personnel to Mexico requires a thorough analysis to determine if the salaries and benefits obtained by the expatriate and/or foreign personnel will be subject to Mexican income tax and if such activities would create a “Permanent Establishment” for the foreign company that sends them to Mexico.

We keep our clients updated on changes to immigration criteria imposed by consular authorities. We have developed audit procedures to verify that companies comply with all legal requirements in case of inspections by immigration authorities. We analyze and implement all labor aspects related to transfer agreements, divided salary systems, duplicated payroll, and mirror payroll, among other structures that are implemented to pay salaries and benefits for expatriates and foreign personnel while in Mexico.

Our services

  • Analysis and implementation of the tax structure for expatriates and foreign personnel.
  • Registrations and updates of the employer’s registry with the National Immigration Institute.
  • Consular admissions for foreigners and their families.
  • Visas without work permits.
  • Student visas.
  • Temporary and permanent residence permits.
  • Work permits.
  • Exit and re-entry permits.
  • Notifications of changes of address, work, marital status, citizenship or name.
  • Residence permits for family members.
  • CURP, RFC, and IMSS records.