EC Rubio has vast experience in the automobile industry and based on the needs both of the firm’s clients and the market, has set-up a desk made-up by a team of attorneys with specific solid legal and regulatory knowledge of this industry which unfolds within a complex legal framework.

Our preventive and strategic advisory services been of value to hundreds of companies within the automobile industry, assisting them to execute their business transactions in an orderly and successful manner in the most important industrial centers of Mexico.

The desk integrates services in corporate and contractual law, in mergers and acquisitions, labor, intellectual property, environment, health, and safety rules (EH&S), foreign trade and the Mexico-United States-Canada Treaty (T-MEC), fiscal, compliance and regulatory matters.

In the corporate area, we advise companies on all transactional aspects, including mergers, acquisitions and strategic alliances; in different types of contracts and agreements, franchises, licenses and commercial operations. In addition to this we work with our clients supporting them in meeting their financial targets.

We assist companies comprehensively in the labor relations with their employees, such as the hiring and contracting process, collective bargaining and syndicates, high impact severances, labor conflicts and internal investigations. Also, we are the best-reputed firm in the T-MEC labor compliance practice.

Protection of industrial property is of the essence for the automobile industry. EC Rubio assists its clients in protecting their intangible assets and maximizing their market value by safeguarding their patents, registered trademarks, industrial designs and copyrights.

Our attorneys help companies understand and comply with the tax legislation in force and on how to maximize their fiscal structure; we assist in all matters related to foreign trade, such as, export and production promotion programs, commercial agreements and the free trade treaties, import and export of all kind of merchandize for the automobile industry, tariff classification and compliance with custom regulations.

We advise our clients in regard to compliance with the rules and regulations of the industry, such as, those related to quality standards, Official Mexican Rules (Normas Oficiales Mexicanas) and certifications. As a result of this approach, our clients acquire a practical understanding of the regulations they need to follow to avoid legal exposure.

Despite the preventive focus our practice, in certain occasions legal disputes become inevitable. The firm’s litigation attorneys offer alternative conflict resolution options, such as, mediation and arbitration; and as a last resource, represent our clients successfully in high profile trials and judicial matters, protecting their interests and obtaining favorable and efficient results.

In the same way, our attorneys integrate and work with the different departments of your company offering a flexible legal structure that adapts to your culture, risk profile and objectives.

We invite you to contact the attorneys at our desk who can answer any doubts and how we can help in your operations.