2022 will be a year of challenges and threats in labor and compliance matters, due to the following factors:

1.- New labor model:

a) The processing of individual lawsuits will be done before the new Labor Courts and under a new procedure.

b) All collective matters in the Republic will no longer be handled by the Conciliation and Arbitration Boards and will be transferred to the new Federal Center for Labor Conciliation and Registration.

2.- Collective Bargaining Agreement Revisions:

The unions must consult with workers in an assembly, the terms that have been negotiated with the company and obtain the approval of the majority, through direct, free and secret voting in order to aprove the revision agreement and the modification of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

3.- Legitimation of the Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA):

Legitimization of the CBA by the unions, that in an assembly with workers must vote if they agree with the CBA.

4.- Union activity in new zones:

We will see more union activity throughout the Republic and mainly in areas where there has been no union interaction historically, as in the northern border of the country and in the main industrial centers of the Republic.

5.- USMCA Labor Compliance:

Complying with the new obligations contained in the USMCA is a fundamental point to avoid penalties, increases in import tariffs or even the cancellation of the possibility of exporting products that are manufactured in Mexico.

EC Rubio has prepared a webinar for January to address these issues and keep you informed.

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