On September 4, the Ministry of Economy published on the Federal Official Gazette an agreement modifying the formats for filings with the National Foreign Investment Registry (NFIR or RNIE for its acronym in Spanish), in order to comply with reporting obligations set forth under the Foreign Investment Law and the National Registry of Foreign Investment regulations.

Matters that must be reported through these new forms are the following:

I. Foreign individuals or entities and Mexican entities with foreign capital:

  1. Registration in the NRFI
  2. Quarter Report
  3. Annual economic report (registration renewal)
  4. Registry cancellation

II.Trust fiduciaries in contracts that service foreign investment:

  1. Registration in the NFIR
  2. Notify changes in information previously rendered
  3. Registry cancellation

III. Notices from Notaries regarding the incorporation, modification, transformation, merger, division, dissolution and liquidation of commercial and civil entities and other legal acts involving individuals or companies bound to register before the NFIR.

Also, the requirements for writs referring to the following matters are set out:

  • Access to records
  • Certified copies
  • Certificates
  • Consultation of registration obligations
  • Request for extension

    In addition to new requirements for each procedure, the new format foresees the following relevant changes:

    1. Companies must indicate the States where they have facilities or assets, together with their value, as well as their production and sales worth.
    2. Companies must also indicate the geographical destination of their investments or the origin of their divestments.
    3. In case of changes in their economic activities, holding companies must specify those activities in which they participate.
    4. Entities shall report their creditors and debtors in per their financial statements.
    5. If the company does not have employees, it must justify such fact and indicate the third party serving as employer.

    The new formats are available in the link https://rnie.economia.gob.mx/RNIE/faces/formatos.xhtml and can be presented as follows:

    a) In person, at the RNIE offices or at any representative office of the Ministry of Economy.
    b) By e-mail.
    c) On the RNIE’s web page: https://rnie.economia.gob.mx.

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