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Given the possible resurgance in cases of influenza and SARS-COV2 virus (COVID-19), on December 19th, 2022, the Government of the State of Puebla issued a decree stating mandatory actions throughout the State, some of which are specific to workplaces. The execution and documentation of these measures may be inspected by Civil Protection or Labor Inspectorates, thus their immediate implementation and execution is recommended. The following are the measures applicable to the population in general and to employers in particular.

General measures:

  • Mandatory use of face masks or faceshields in enclosed spaces, and when there is a high concentration of people outdoors.
  • Safe distancing in commercial establishments.
  • Reinforcment of health protocols when accessing facilities.
  • Use of the Alerta COVID Puebla [sic]  application, available on smartphones.
  • Any event larger than 300 people requires the validation of its sanitary protocol (QR code) issued by the General Coordination of Civil Protection of the Secretary of the Interior of the State.

Employers in the workplace are being urged to:

  • Provide orientation and training to employees in order to prevent and control the spread of respiratory infections in their daily environment by issuing recommendations for occupational health promotion and prevention.
  • Keep alcohol-gel solution dispensers available for personnel.
  • Ensure that restrooms and common areas are kept clean and stocked with cleaning materials (water, soap and disposable towels).
  • Guarantee natural ventilation in common areas.
  • Avoid religious commemorations and end-of-the-year celebrations or gatherings.
  • Provide face masks or faceshields  to all personnel.

Despite these being recommendations, State and Municipal Civil Protection, the Federal Delegation of the STPS or any other competent authority may verify and inspect the fulfillment of the measures, for which reason the immediate implementation and execution of these actions is strongly advised.

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