What are my obligations?

Next June 2 is the election day according to in Article 74 of the Federal Labour Law (LFT), and is therefore a statutory holiday.

Since it is a statutory day, companies which, as a result of their activity, develop a productive process, and therefore require some of their employees to go to work, they are entitled to be paid double salary for the service rendered, irrespective of the salary that they are entitled to for the statutory rest.

In addition, and in accordance with Article 132, Section IX of the LFT, Employers must give employees the necessary time to exercise their right to vote, so Employers must allow their employees permission to arrive late to work or allow them to leave before the closing of the polling places so that they can go to the polling places to exercise their right to vote.

We also remind you that as an Employer, you are not allowed to make political propaganda within the premises.

However, it is allowed to encourage personnel to vote and participate in elections, as long as it is not party or candidate oriented.


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