We are pleased to announce that EC Rubio and Fegamo y Vasaf, a law firm based in Monterrey have commenced discussions for a potential integration of Fegamo y Vasaf into EC Rubio.

This integration will enable us to establish a significant presence in the City of Monterrey and position ourselves in that crucial market.

Fegamo y Vasaf is a highly respected corporate law firm at both the local and national levels. Founded in 2010 in the city of Monterrey, their team is comprised by 6 partners, 4 Of Counsel, and 17 lawyers.

During these discussions, EC Rubio and Fegamo y Vasaf recognize their shared goals, including consolidating their positions as leaders in the legal market in Mexico and Latin America, enhancing their business capabilities and providing greater value to their employees and other stakeholders. We also share values such as professional ethics, social responsibility, excellence in providing legal services and a strong client service culture.

We are confident that this potential integration will be a catalyst for growth and mutual enrichment by combining our expertise, together with the talented team of lawyers from both Firms.

We will continue to keep you informed about the status of the discussions.

We appreciate your trust and interest as we move forward in this exciting process, aiming to build a stronger institution and a promising future for EC Rubio.

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